Our Expansion to Community Living Campus:

Building and Restoring Hope, Incorporated plans to build and operate a Residential Care Facility for developmentally & physically disabled adults. This facility will be available for individuals over the age of 18, who begin to reach the age of being too old to live at home, yet too young to live in a full-time nursing facility. This facility will serve the needs of those who are moderately mentally retarded, who require some habit training. By serving this group we can create an excellent living environment, including a social family–like atmosphere and active lifestyles for all of our residents.

Our services include full–time 24 hour residential care, private rooms, direct–care staff and full nursing staff and tele-medicine portal for any necessary medical care. Also includes counseling and therapy rooms, recreational opportunities, educational and job skills training. The facility will be equipped to care for 300 individuals, including 60 private rooms, a cafeteria, medical labs, activity center living and socializing areas, and entertainment facilities. Our goal is to meet the social, physical, mental, recreational, educational, and vocational needs of all our residents.